In collaboration with the Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA), Society for Agricultural Education Research Development Abroad (SAEDA), Tokyo University of Agriculture (TUA) and Japanese Society for Tropical Agriculture (JSTA), ISSAAS is inviting all active ISSAAS members and other scientists to submit scientific papers or posters addressing the following disciplines:

  1. Plant science in response to climate change
  2. Integrated pest management
  3. Natural resource and environment management
  4. Value chain for food and agricultural product
  5. Aquatic Science
  6. Agro-engineering
  7. Animal life science and veterinary medicine
  8. Agricultural science in society and economy
  9. Boundary agriculture

Rules for abstracts

Abstracts are submitted online, written in English, should be maximum 1 A4-page long (Arial, 11pt) and consist of:

  • the title of the paper in bold capital letters, not exceeding 100 characters
  • list of author(s) and co-authors, including names and addresses, underline the presenting author, all centered on the page width
  • an overview of the objectives, methods used, results and conclusions
  • the key words

Abstracts should be sent via email to Please request a confirmation that your abstract has been received.

Instructions for oral presentations

Speakers will have 10 min (+5 min discussion) for their presentation. For invited speakers 30 min (+ 5 min. discussion) are provided. Please make sure to stay within the time limits. The conference room is equipped with a projector and a Windows computer running Office 2010 to allow PowerPoint (*.ppt) or Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) presentations. Unfortunately it is not possible to use your own computer. There will be no Mac computer. Please make sure that your PowerPoint presentation can run on a Windows computer.

Please provide your PowerPoint or PDF Oral Presentation on CD or on a USB memory stick at the registration desk.

Instructions for poster presentations

Posters should conform to the following format: (a) 30” x 40” size, (b) orientation –portrait layout; (c) material – tarpaulin or heavy coated paper; (d) color mix – shall fit to a light display background; and (e) content layout – freestyle.

The general content shall include: (a) Title; Researcher/s Name and Institutional Affiliation; (b) Introduction; (c) Materials and Methods; (d) Results and Discussion; (e) Conclusions and Recommendations; (f) Literature Cited; and (g) Acknowledgements.

The posters are printed by presenters themselves.