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The Office of Science and Technology is a functional unit that assists the Rector Board in managing scientific and technological activities at VNUA. Its main functions include:

  • Developing scientific and technological research and transfer plans and programs;
  • Collaborating with VNUA units to perform assigned tasks in managing and coordinating scientific and technological activities; Implementing and monitoring and reporting scientific and technological activities to the Rector Board and relevant agencies;
  • Managing the execution of regulations, rules and directives at VNUA;
  • Facilitating bidding process for scientific and technological research projects/packages; Managing, monitoring, and reviewing the implementation of projects; Nominating excellent units and individuals in scientific and technological research at VNUA for acknowledging and awarding their achievements; organizing scientific research for students;
  • Disseminating scientific and technological achievements and transfer;
  • Filing all scientific and technological activities and in coordination with VNUA library to build database for scientific and technological results;
  • In coordination with other functional units to solve such scientific and technological associated affairs as staff, equipment, budget, and regulations following legal regulations.


Functional organization





Tel: +84-4-62617550/3826439

Fax: +84-4-38276554

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