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Culture Night VNUA 2016 – An international student exchange night

During 60 years of construction and development, Vietnam National University of Agriculture has always concentrated on promoting the international cooperation, in which appealing international students come to study and research is one of the most priority strategies. To implement the strategy, the university has created a favorable learning environment, promoted cultural exchange activities to help international students quickly integrate into cultural and educational environment of Vietnam, as well as give them chances to introduce and share their cultural identity.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the university (10/12/1956 - 10/12/2016) and create an exchange opportunity between international students who are studying at the university and domestic ones, the Culture Night VNUA 2016, an international student exchange event, was organized in the evening of 31 August 2016. Nearly 200 international students from Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Czech Republic, Angola and Mozambique as well as thousands of VNUA students participated in the event.

The event was very honored to receive representatives of Embassies of Indonesia, the Czech Republic and Mozambique in Viet Nam. Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Thi Lan, the Communist Party Secretary, president of VNUA, representatives of the International Cooperation Office, Political and Students Affairs Office, Youth Union, Student Association, and faculties, attended the event,

In the opening ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan expressed her delight and excitement to welcome international delegates and students to the event held for the first time at the university. Also, the president stressed achievements in human resources training and scientific research that the university has achieved over the past 60 years, especially in the international student training.

Over the years, the university has trained more than 400 agricultural engineers, bachelors for Laos, Cambodia, Angola and Mozambique. The university are currently training 160 fulltime international students. In addition, the university has received hundreds of international students to participate in short-term exchange programs.

Lao student representing international students gave flowers to president Nguyen Thi Lan

The Culture Night VNUA 2016 brought audiences a vibrant music party with various performance with unique cultural characteristics of students’ home countries. Colorful songs and dances which are imbued with not only national identity but also modern trends of the young generation were presented.

In the opening, the " song "Việt Nam gấm hoa” with charming dance performed by by VNUA students, brought a beautiful and fascinating image of Vietnam. The song "Hello Vietnam" was taken up with the sweet voice of a student from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences as greetings and invitation to international students to come to Vietnam and VNUA in particular.


“Vietnam gam hoa” performance “Hello Vietnam” song performed by Nguyen Thuy Dung, a student from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

The performances of international students that presented their unique cultural identity gave audiences wonderful surprises and strong impression. Badindin dances from beautiful Indonesia attracted by a dynamic movements accompanied with clapping and hand crossing among dancers. The students from university Myiazaki brought a livoly and youthful atmosphere by recreating a famous Japanese animation game through Imogarabokuto and Yokai-Taisou dance. Overlap these active performances were the gentle and graceful “Lam Vong” dance of Lao students and smooth footsteps imbuing the throbbing guitar sound from Cambodian students. Students from the Czech University of Life and Science Prague brought an unique European culture with a romantic dance in a classical music background. The night overwhelmingly boomed when students from Mozambique and Angola performed their traditional popular dances, Marrabenta and Kabeluta with pretty fast waggles.

Bun Phum song performed by Cambodian students

Czech students’ performance

Kabeluta dance of Angola students

Imogarabokuto performance of Japanese students

Performance of Mozambique students

Performance of Lao students

To express ethnic pride and affection the country, VNUA students in a costume with image of national lag performed a flash-mob in the music background of a very famous song named “My name is Vietnam”. Ending the night was joint throbbing bamboo dance,  a typical dance of ethnic minorities in the mountainous area in the Northern Vietnam that well attracted all participants.

The Culture Night VNUA 2016 was happily closed with the fresh atmosphere, deep international solidarity and unforgettable memory for all participants particularly the international students. It has really become a bridge to connect and build up international networks among students

International delegates and students