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Mastering aeroponic and hydroponic technologies in production of potato and other vegetables: A good sign for horticulture development

A state-level project on “Biological Technology and Production Models of Free Disease Potatoes, Vegetables and Flowers" led by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Thach, Institute of Agro-Biology, Vietnam National University of Agriculture has obtained remarkable results. According to Prof. Dr Thach, the application of aeroponic and hydroponic technologies helped preceding plant multiplying processes for example in producing potato bulbs, these technology helped producing 7480-8624 plants/m2/month (far exceeding targets of 1000 to 1500 plants/m2/month). The bulb yield also reached from 835 to 1016 bulbs/m2 (varying by varieties), which was higher than the expected (1000 bulbs/m2). It is notably noted that plants and bulbs were 100% free of diseases. Further, the plants could generate 30% higher productivity in comparison with those applied traditional methods.


These technologies were also tested on tomatoes, carnations, strawberries, and daisies which all produced highly valued results. These remarkable results of the project have made an outstanding contribution to the successful application of aeroponics and hydroponic technologies in agricultural production to build an advanced, clean, green and sustainable agricultural sector in Vietnam.