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Educational Objectives

The Avanced Training Program on Agribusiness Management is intended for undergraduate students who have good health,  personality, and ability of comprehending the Science of Agribusiness Management. The program will be the privilege of having modern teaching facilities, the classified faculties, advanced teaching methods in oder to reach the international  education standard.      

 Program Objectives

The Program is designed in order to provide the students basic knowledge in Economics and Social Sciences and the skills of solving the problem and making decision in every activity of business and management under the challenges and the pressure of international trade and globalization. Graduate students are highly expected to work well in all economic sectors, government offices, research institutes, and other organizations in the field related.  

Knowledges provided by the Program:

(1) In general, students are required to achieve knowledge of Maxism, Leninism, and political thought of Ho Chi Minh as well as other sciences as such: social sciences, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology.  

(2) Students are provided up to date knowledge of economics and business management, especially agribusiness management (strategic management, leadership management, personel management, financial management, marketing management as well as international trade and commercial communication and negotiation)              


(1) Students under this program can be able to use English in learning, researching, and communicating with others. The proficiency of English in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills will help them well discussing and articulating themes and their interests regarding their study fields as well as enhancing their communication in their social life.

(2) Students are also able to acquire the skills of information collection, data analysis, and academic writting  on the application of computer software intended for specific academic field. Moreover, the skills of strategic planning, investment analyzing, financial reporting will also be provided in field trip activities required.   


(1) Graduate students will be qualified for academic works in universities and research institutes as well as having high competence to work for any domestic and foreign industries, or continuously pursuing higher degree.

(2) The expectation of accomplishing this program will be the threshold in expanding the curriculum on other courses in the Faculty of Economics and Rural Development  such as: Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Business, Rural Development, Agricultural Extension, and Business Accounting. 

Detailed training program

For more information, please contact: 

Ms. Mai Thi My Hanh;

Tel: 024.876.002.55; Mobile: 0943912038;

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.