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Vision, Missions, and Strategy


Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) is striving to become a multi-disciplinary center in education and research with nationally leading and regionally advanced quality in the areas of agriculture and rural development, making efficient contributions to the national development.


Vietnam National University of Agriculture embraces disciplines for agriculture and rural development of Vietnam. In pursuit of excellence in education, research and public services, VNUA has a strong commitment to successfully ensure agriculture and rural development, and making contributions to the industrialization and modernization of agriculture and the countryside.

Being a leading national center of agricultural science, the university's goal is to supply high manpower for, and improve productivity and efficiency of agriculture in a way that employs the natural and agricultural resources available to satisfy the economic, social, physical and ecological needs of the Vietnamese people, using methods and systems that are sustainable, socially acceptable and beneficial to the environment.

Core values









The strategy is to build VNUA to become a multi-disciplinary research university based on a trifunctional axis:

        Social need-based training is the core drive for all activities;

        Scientific research and technological development is an important highlight;

     •   Domestic and international cooperation is to enhance capacity in education, scientific research and technology transfer so as to make VNUA become a nationally leading and regionally advanced quality center in the areas of agriculture and rural development.



In the long-run, the University aims to produce graduates with adaptable skills and a good sense of responsibility who are abreast of latest developments in their professional calling and have energy to cope with the changing environment and multi-faceted problems of agricultural industry. In the foreseeable timeframe, the educational programs are geared for producing graduates with a good sense of morality, knowledge ability and skillfulness, attaining premier quality among national universities, and in some areas regionally and internationally recognized by 2015 and 2020, respectively. The measures to be taken include:

  • Implementing a comprehensive assessment of needs, professional structure, educational quality, contents and educational methodology;
  • Facilitating the development and perfection of curricula toward multi- & interdisciplinary and flexibility to meet the needs of the society;
  • Developing advanced and modern material and information system pertinent to ever-changing educational needs; 
  • Renovating training methods towards developing motivation and skills for self-study/self learning and group working of learners;
  • Renovating the assessment on students' accademic perfomance, as well as the fair and apparent evaluation of instructors and University officials;
  • Implementing a credit education system and quality assurance measures at all educational levels;
  • Promoting international cooperation in education.


Research and Development

Although the University’s first priority is given to the excellence in education, the excellences in research and development, and public services provision are equally dedicated as part of the University’s missions. The strategic goal of R&D is to meet the educational quality requirements, at the same time the needs of the agricultural and rural industrialization, attaining an higher level of recognization in the region. The University shall be a Center of excellence in research in agriculture and rural development in Vietnam.

The measures to be taken include:

  • Designing and planning specific research for each discipline; considering interdisciplinary and biotechnological research as key research issues; linking research with education and government development policies as well as the needs of the public and private sectors;
  • Promoting domestic and international cooperation and collaboration to implement bilateral and multilateral programs in research and technology transfer;
  • Designing and enforcing regulations on research and technology transfer in the direction of decentralization and explicitness; renovating R&D organization and management mechanism and financing; implementing quality-based and efficiency-driven management measures to bring into full play of internal strengths and to encourage all staff, students, and all university’s units to involve in R&D.


Domestic and International Cooperation

The University's domestic and international cooperation has focused on research and the efficient commercialization of research findings with in-land and international organizations and individuals in conformity with Vietnam’s laws and international regulations to enhance capacity in education and R&D. The measures to be taken include:

  • Enhancing and expanding official educational linkages, staff and student exchanges with overseas educational and research organizations;
  • Furthering international cooperation through designing bilateral and multilateral programs and projects, maximizing international supports for the strategic development of the University;
  • Organzing qualifying courses on English language, skills on  writing/formulation, bidding, management, monitoring and evaluation of projects for its staff;
  • Encouraging and providing incentives to individuals and organizations for a successful implementation of international cooperation;
  • Designing and realization of  training courses delivered in English as a medium of instruction by adopting up-to-date curricula taught at international universities, that are suitable to the University’s requirements and Vietnam’s development level;
  • Promoting domestic and international information exchanges.